PortoBazar comes to solve a need that have the independent sellers to advertise their merchandise and get to more customers in a practical and economic way, but at the same time manage and develop their business in a more efficient manner.
On the other hand helps direct sales companies to bring more people interested in starting their own business by being sales representatives of those products, they can also advertise their websites, blogs, social media accounts, etc. and even publish information about the process to apply to be a representative.
To seal the direct sales cycle, Porto Bazar Center solves the problem of the customers that want to buy those products but don't know anyone in their community that offers them. The visitors to the website will be able to search by location and find the seller that can present to them the offered products.
Behind Porto Bazar Center is Elba María who has play a rol in all 3 sides of "Direct Sales". She started as independent seller when she was 18 years old selling costume jewelry. She got to have a credit of $1000 a month and selling between the 65% and 85% of that a month. Not bad at all in the 90's earning at least $200 extra a month, part-time (without schedules, without bosses).
Later on she started selling lingerie and since it was going so well, she brought her mother to the store, she co-signed for her to get credit, since she was house-wife and she liked the idea to make a little extra money. Many jewelry customer started to ask for silver and gold jewelry; so in her passion of satisfying her customers she looked (and found) a supplier for such merchandise. There was a time that she had 2 costume jewelry suppliers, 1 of gold filled and electroplated jewelry by catalog, 2 clothing and jewelry suppliers, 1 clothing - jewelry - handbags - perfumes - shoes and lingerie.
In 1998 she quit selling because she opened her own business and would not have the time to dedicate to her clientele. Some of them her mother continued attending. So after all, if there's somebody that understands the needs and responsibilities of being an independent seller, is she.
Even though she hasn't been employee or owner of any direct selling store/business, she has worked directly with the industry from her business IDEAS Creative Group. Doing so she has have developed blogs and applications, gráphics, shopping carts, social media administration, she has created, produced and edited promotional videos, marketing campaigns and business consulting to their owners. That is why she knows the needs and challenges that they confront to manage, advertise, and develop their stores.
Like any other woman she has purchased products among direct sales to independent selelrs. Once in a while orders clothing and jewelry from her mom, that even though is not very active selling, she does it seldom times. Also have bought products from Herbalife, L'Bel y Avon, among others.
Porto Bazar Center comes also to help sellers with information about how to manage more efficiently their time, how they can have a good financial relation with their customers and suppliers, and how to grow their merchandise, among other interesting subjects. Meanwhile the consumers are going to be talked about health, beauty and fashion in the blog. How to extend the life of the products they buy. The stores/companies will be able to send articles to be posted on the blog, related to their companies and advertise at the same time their merchandise.
Hope you like it here and stay browsing around in our bazar! REGISTER HERE

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Be the connection site between the 3 most important sides of what it is Direct Selling, which are:
We are the center where the direct sales independent sellers can advertise their merchandise at a low cost and in an easier and faster way. Making the sale process much more efficient to develop their sales business. We are the pioneers and the only ones in Puerto Rico and United States (and maybe in the world) that offer this valuable tool to the Direct Selling Industry; and for such we are proud and now we have the responsibility to explode the current potential of the website.


We want to be the first website that independent sellers go when it's time to offer their merchandise and the consumers that are looking for this type of products go to when they want to find a seller in their area.
We will be the best website for the Direct Selling companies that want to bring more people to be part of their sales team. Providing all with tools to be better informed and expand their horizons.
Our path starts in Puerto Rico region, but our fast pace will take us to have sellers in United States and Canada zones. To keep the Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic market coming, we will try our best to provide a bilingual website.


-Passion: All seller should be engaged with mind and heart in helping his/her clientele, offering products which they feel passion to offer and trust the companies behind their products.
-Listen: Every company is born, grows and remains listening to their clientele.
-Value: Understand what is of value and importance to our clientele and focus to provide that value in everything we do.
-Collaboration: To be an ingenious influence to the Direct Selling Industry through the creation of shared value as the fundamental base of doing business.
-Society: Commercial and personal relations based on trust and mutual respect. Help our users continuously challenging us to reach the maximum levels of quality in our services, and never putting at risk their privacy and security.