1. PORTOBAZAR.CENTER reserves the right to remove and/or cancel any subscription and publication of information, videos and photos published in their website, if they have a misleading advertisement, false information, discriminatory content by race, sex or religion; as well as any illegal, defamatory, and obscene material. You agree and are aware that if it violates any of these agreements as well as any other material, information, photos and/or videos that administrators understand that they are not appropriate for the virtual page, PORTOBAZAR.CENTER will proceed to cancel your subscription and/or advertisement without prior notice and will not refund any money or give credit for what was paid.
  2. PORTOBAZAR.CENTER will ONLY accept products and offers from Direct Selling Industry, like: businesses and stores, independent sellers, sales representatives, consultants, sales by consignment, sales by catalog, independent sellers that have permission to sell certain products because they have the permit/agreement with the company, and any other related. If you have doubts please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.
  3. The prices published on PORTOBAZAR.CENTER do not include our sales tax (IVU) and this will not be added nor charged at checkout, since our Merchant Certificate Registration does not require us to do so. If in the future this changes by any law, regulation, or statute PORTOBAZAR.CENTER reserves the right to make the pertinent changes.
  4. PORTOBAZAR.CENTER will not be liable, under any circumstance, of any negotiation and/or agreements done between the advertisers, subscribers, sponsors and/or visitors.
  5. The user, visitor or member resigns, and relieve Elba M. Martínez D/B/A Porto Bazar Center, and affiliates as well as to its directors and employees from all loss, claims, expenses and costs incurred directly or indirectly with the breach of offers, warranties, contracts, terms and conditions of the services advertised on PORTOBAZAR.CENTER, as well as any breach of any law, contract, agreement that advertiser must comply with the merchant or advertiser, including but not limited to: regulations and laws applicable to advertising or deceptive practices.
  6. You agree that PORTOBAZAR.CENTER is not obligated to review all ads before being published.
  7. You agree to be solely responsible for all communications, verbal or written by email and/or in some way mediated the PORTOBAZAR.CENTER service.
  8. PORTOBAZAR.CENTER and its logo are a registered trademark which can not be reproduced under any circumstances.
  9. Once the registry at PORTOBAZAR.CENTER you will be responsible for the management of your account as well as to keep your information up to date.
  10. You agree to keep your user name and password in total confidentiality. You must also immediately notify PORTOBAZAR.CENTER of any event or change in your account. PORTOBAZAR.CENTER is not responsible under any circumstances for damages and/or prejudices caused by the same.
  11. PORTOBAZAR.CENTER is not responsible for information with copyrights published by the advertiser, user, visitor or subscriber, but reserves the right to remove it.
  12. PORTOBAZAR.CENTER reserves the right to revise and modify these terms and conditions without prior notice. If the user, subscriber or visitor continues to use the service that PORTOBAZAR.CENTER offers, that person must be aware that he/she approves amendments to the terms and conditions.

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